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How Far North?

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How far North do I have to travel this weekend to stand on 3-4" of ice and watch some tip-ups fo pike or walleye and bobbers for panfish?

I had good ice on my lake all weekend (SW part of the state), but it is in sad shape and not looking good for this weekend. Any and all info is welcome, areas of stae, bodies of water, locations and tips all welcome. I know Houghton is a go, but would rather try someplace different and possibly closer (and with bigger pike!).

Thanks in advance for the ice reports!
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Not sure after all the rain.....I know sag bay is shot....Haven't heard about houghton but I think I am headed up there. I have to go fishing somewhere.....and soon!

It is perdicted that a cold snap is headed in around the 7th. Man, I cant be right in the head wishin for cold weather!!!
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Just came back from houghton, only fished one area close in, and caught tons of pike, averaged 22 inches, which is decent, caught one MONSTER pike, and had more on, and even an eye....those decent sized pike are fun. Well, cross that cold snap.....it's going to happen SUNDAY!!!! that means safe ice down here for the shallower lakes by next weekend!!!! Its about time....
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