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How do I make a take down recurve bow

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I have been shooting a bow ever since I was a like 6 or so. But in the last few years I have gottan even more serious in archery and I decided it would be nice to make my own bow. I have a whole bunch on the net about makeing them but I can't find any where, where it will tell me exactly how. So It would be much appreciated if some one could email me or post detailed instructions on how to make a take down recurve or just a one piece recurve. I would also like lots of pictures if some one has them.
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I think Bingham Products makes kits and sell videos and instructions.
2-Big has got you on the right track. I have the takedown video from Binghams. Its very good takes you step by step and you can also purchase the plans that will get you started making your form and heat box, bow riser . 3 Rivers Archery also sells the video but doesnt have the plans available. It only took a few days for mine to get to here.
You could also go to the Leatherwall on the Stickbow site and do a search or ask questions.
Also Trad Gang is another site that you may find some posts to help you.
I just noticed that you were from Indiana. 3 Rivers Archery is in Ashley IN might be close enough for you to drive to.
Yes I do go to Three Rivers Archery quiet a bit but I was just using this as a last resort before I broke down and bought something. OH well though thanks for your guys's help.
Go to www.stickbow.com and click on laminated bows Theres alot of good info there. I forgot that it was there.
The vidoe and plans from Binghams in my oppinion is well worth the money also. Good Luck
I'm making a Recurve Take down in my shop class it is almost infinished the riser mesurements are 22in long, 4in wide(I think, I'll check) 3 or 2 in thick doesn't really matter which, and you could get a jig or I could send you one you could copy and free hand, after you cut it out on a Bandsaw you need to rasp the bow until you get your desired shape then get some fiberglass limbs,then glue them with apoxey and put them in a hot box then drill the holes on your riser, I will try to get all the measurements later hope I've helped.
to much left to figure out. you want a self bow? natural materials such as bamboo? sinew/ fiberglas laminates?
been thinking about this and what good advice to give you.
i think i made my first bow the right way.
for your first bow make a red oak self bow out of a board from the lumber yard. you can get info on doing this at bowyers den .com
you will learn about shaping and tillering and the hundreds of things that can screw up on you in building a bow. you will end up with a cool selfbow that nobody else has one like. you will have fun.and find out if you want to make more. the investment in glue presses and other things can get quite costly . it doesn't make sence if after one bow you decide its way easier to just buy a bow. (and it is) and in the end cheaper.
with the redoak bow at worst you'll be out 20 or 30 dollars and a few evenings work.
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