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How bout Snowshoe hares?

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Does anyone know of a good area that's just crawling with snowshoe hares? I know that northern Michigan is a good place to go, but what areas? Would any of you guys be interested in doing a snowshoe hare hunt, maybe sometime in March?
Traditional bows only of course.
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Its been a few years but I used to go with a group of guys to the Houghton Lake area and do real well. There used to be open season year round on Beaver Island and they used to have tons of snowshoe hares. I always wanted to spend a week there with my beagles but I never did.:)
McTrapdoor, I have cousins that live in Rogers City and I will keep in touch with them and have them let me know when the snow is a huntable depth. I know they used to do a lot of snowshoe hare hunting in that area and there is lots of state land.:D
No they don't have any beagles. They used to but not any more. I'm sure we could come up with some. I know my cousin said that he and a few buddies used to spread out and hunt without beagles, and they usually did pretty good with their bows.;)
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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