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How are the new pups.

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I see quite a few M-S members have added new puppies to their line up or house hold. How are they working out so far? My new puppy I am pleased with his field work but he has had a few problems blending in with the rest of the pack. He a really aggressive and smart pup but has had to learn the hard way because of it! I gave them all dog treats and I guess Hunter didn't like the color he got so he decided to take Jake's instead. Big mistake now he has a couple little holes in his ear to show for it but he learned he isn't the head dog of the pack. But being the new baby in the house he gets the most attention and the best sleeping spots.

Him and Abbey finally get along great and terrorize each other all day.
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Jim whats the whelping date of your pup? Mine was 1-30-07 I see now why Billy wasn't a three-peat Mi. Woodcock Ch. he didn't have any energy left after breeding at least three different females ( yours mine and Wallys) !
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