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hougton lake report w/pics

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We went to Houghton lake on 12-28,12-29,-12-30. The first day was by far the slowest day(sunday) probaly cuz of the fishing pressure. Caught about 10 pike between 3 guys. Missed probaly about 6 flags. We would have caught more but these idiots next to us keep heaving thier spuds on the ice. The next day was alot better, we caught about 25 pike still all hammerhandles. We prolly missed about 20 flags. They kept braking our lines. The third day was even better, we got about 30 pike 3 keepers- 2 24 inchers and the monster below. The hottest bait was a swedish pimple jigged erradically. The tip ups were poppiong all day long and we used golden shiners for those. Ice was 6-8 inches thick.

the big guy was caught on a swedish pimple
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Looking good guys. You sure gave me the itch NOW. SOunds like there is going to be enough ice for quad now or pretty soon. Nels/skeeter
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