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Houghton 1-1-04

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well i finally found some fish

I got a late start, started fishing about 8:30am, took a while before I got over any fish at all, 10am i started getting a few and missing many more. Gills were so finicky, you had to strain your eyes watching rod tip, most fish would just suck on it or nudge the bait but not bite, some of the hits where so lite i could have breathed on the rod and made it move more. Just after noon action picked up a little. I got schooled by the guy fishing next to me who punched a ticket in no time using a weighted fly. (i have no flies with me,...dang). Most of the time I could jig them in with a glow jig of some sort but they wouldn't hit so I got a few by coming back at them with the tiny black ratso. Bigger fish came on a new genz worm i just grabbed yesterday.

Hey guys, i got the spot marked if you want to know where it is I guess you better meet me out there this weekend!
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sweet! finally and of course i missed it:rolleyes: im there saturday . how is the ice keeping the same?
con-grats on the fish. Can see where the light bite would make it rough. Will have to stop at a bait shop and see what these ice flys are. I hope to get on some ice some place by weekend.

Ice is still 7 inches not going anywhere.

Help, I need somewhere to get some good flies for ice fishing by saturday. That ratso is a 1/80 or 1/100 oz. That is how tiny i had to go to allow them to take it easier. Flies would have been the ticket.

Chad, tentative plan is if we dont get a killer duck draw for saturday we are going fishing.....i'll probably be fishing either way. We need a crew to get out really early and lock down this little hole.
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you know im there, your looking for weighted flies only or just some flies
I'm planning on being there. Scotty, same place that we talked about the other day? Flies eh? I don't have any, I'll have to see what I can come up with. Were the machines still flying through there? That might be keeping those fish spooked.....Patch
good job scotty. You will have to let me know where you got those nice panfish. As you know we have not done well on gills at houghton this year.

anyway, I tie flies and if you let me know what size and pattern you had in mind maybe I could hook you up with a few. I will not be up at houghton anytime soon, so I won't be able to get them to you anytime real soon, but send me a pm and we could work something out later this year.

PS what are you guys doing for tip up town are you going or avoiding it?
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Way to go Scotty, it's about time. Are you going up next weeend? With the cold weather the ice should hold up my ATV.
I stopped by Gander and picked up some small weighted flies in a few different colors you guys were talking about. I have never fished for specks so didn't know what to use. Soon as I hear you guys say that the quads are running and the ice is safe I am out of here. Skeeter
quads are running skeeter!!! just not thick enough for my liking
Ha, well I don't like that cracking and popping etc unless it is a good 6 to 8 inches and NO open water. I was out about a mile last year fishing and having a good time and you wouldn't believe to pickups went my me. I was sitting in the shanty. Water came up in my hole really bad, I was really ticked. Probably 30 or 40 yards at about 35 miles an hour. Bad thing about it was I didn't bring a change of shorts.... Some of those guys don't think. Enough can happen if your trying to be safe, let along screwing around and taking chances like that. The ice was not 8 inches where I was at.
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do you ever drive on the ice? sure is alot of weight for ice to hold.
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