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Hotspots on Saginaw River

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3 or 4 years ago we caught lots of walleyes in front of the silos and in back of Mcdonald's down town.Last year no one was fishing these places and we fished Wickes park.Rust st and off of Melbourne rd.Do the hotspots change every year or would it be worth trying these places again?Thanks for your idea's Steve
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Heck yes the silos are a number one spot. Also on the other side of the Z bridge and up under the power lines. Hooters is another good spot. The only reason you might think they have changed is the movement of schools of fish. Maybe the day you were there they had moved but all these spots are real good areas to fish IF the ice is GOOD and THICK. Remember ice does NOT freeze even on the river You might have 6 inches here and 3 or 2 over there. So be careful. NO place is a good place to fall through but man that river sure would be one of the worst. Gives me the creeps even writing that last sentence..... Bad Omen???? Hope not.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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