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Hotspots on Saginaw River

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3 or 4 years ago we caught lots of walleyes in front of the silos and in back of Mcdonald's down town.Last year no one was fishing these places and we fished Wickes park.Rust st and off of Melbourne rd.Do the hotspots change every year or would it be worth trying these places again?Thanks for your idea's Steve
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I'll try them again even though Mcdonald's will probably be a lot longer walk as you used to be able to park under the overpass and walk out not too far from there.I caught more walleye's in that spot and nice ones then any other spot in the last 6 or 8 years but we did get a 11 pounder in front of the silo's and I have seen many big ones caught there.I plan on a lot more trips this year and shoulkd have the time to try these old hotspots.Thanks for your insight Steve
Last year you guys said to watch the ice thickness and I thank you for it and always am careful now.I am not one to go where there isn't at least a few fisherman and know its safe.It seemed like last year we fished north of the power lines at Wickes Park that this are was more consistent with the current so the ice was uniform and we caught 1 to 3 legal walleyes every morning or night we went out and also caught lots of sublegals but we also got none over 5 pounds either but it was good action and you never know when you might get the big one.At the end of the year we fished near the railroad bridge and caught 3 with one a six pounder and saw many caught there is this usually a good area?Thsnks for your insight Steve
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