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Hotspots on Saginaw River

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3 or 4 years ago we caught lots of walleyes in front of the silos and in back of Mcdonald's down town.Last year no one was fishing these places and we fished Wickes park.Rust st and off of Melbourne rd.Do the hotspots change every year or would it be worth trying these places again?Thanks for your idea's Steve
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The bean tower is one of my all time favorite spots. Mainly because easy access and I can be fishing there in 5 minutes from my house. I fished the bean tower alot early last year but all I was catching were those 14 3/4" walleyes, I must have caught 20 sub legal fish there and gave up. Hooters everyone used to fish alot untill the people on the west side of the river started calling the cops every time you parked in there lot. Access on the east side is a little more difficult, but not much you can park at the firemans training center. Along wicks drive is another productive spot I will hit several times during the year. Actually last year was my first year fishing down stream from the Z-bridge. I caught most of my keepers there but still alot of small ones.

Its all about where you feel lucky the most!!! Every year on the opening day of the tournement I am always debating on where I will fish opening morning. I usally write all the access names down and pull the lucky winner from my hat.

Skeeter is right though you could have 8 inches at the bean tower, 4 inches along wicks, and sometimes no ice down from the z-bridge. (good ole ice breakers)
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