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Hot Spots

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I'm asking for info for some hot spots in the Tawas area for the second time would somebody help me before sat feb.27
Thanks in advance UnkaD:cool:
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Was at van etten in oscoda the past 2 weekends, 20 hours for 20 pearch and a pike.Im going to try hubbard saturday but sounds bad there too. If you here anything let me know.

Was at Van Ettan sunday and tuesday, slow slow slow. My son inlaw was at Tawas last week end and it was real slow there too ! I have another son in law in the Pontiac area and hes been geting some good fish in the local lakes around that area, thinking of going down with him he says its not as crowed as up here !
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I heard today from a guy, there getting some nice perch in the harbor side of the peir, behind holiday inn, around the docks. might want to check it out!:)
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