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Holy Heck.....

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Now this is what I call an extention.......lol

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I love ice fishing but I think I would have to pass if that was the case. Or at least my run and gun method would be out the door.

I would hate to finially drill a hole and then realize that you drilled it over a sandbar that is only 8 feet deep. Now with only 1 foot of water:D :D
That would only be good after a long night of whisky drinkin.....you know when your 10ft tall and bullet proof......:D
I only place that would have a use would be in the NWT when they have 6-8 feet of ice on some of the lakes. That is still overkill for that.
That auger is a little more than i could handle. And if the ice was really that thick. I'd would probably give up fishing for the winter. Would be tired after one hole.
Trying to auger a hole with that thing would be like riding a bike with ape hangers..........
That looks like a Darwin Award waiting to happen...
Wait until you see his ice skimmer! Good one Dave.
Good thing ice floats to the top of the hole but he still needs to get to the hole.
I think the ice is safe enough to drive out on.
BiG T00L fer a BiG HoLe!!!
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"ha, ha, ha,......and to think my bro' is bringing his SPUD to save weight ! , he's gonna love this !" :D
what i hated is me and a buddy walked about a half a mile to a fishing spot that was suposed to be good the ice was a foot and a half thick and i had a hand held auger i drilled two holes for the shanny and then when we got the shanny over the wholes we could see bottem so we had to pack up and move deeper and drill more holes i would get a power auger but its is two late too maybe the bass pro will have one for cheap in the summer...
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I would hate to see the chainsaw need to cut a pike spearing hole on that lake
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