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Holloway resevoir ice?

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Can anyone tell me if the ice is off? I have a new to me boat I am itching to get in the water and play around with. Been thinking if taking it up to the Saginaw river but I would like to run it once first and get familiar with the boat. Thought this might be a good place to start. All the lakes around me are still half ice covered
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Depending on your boats size launching could be a problem with the low water levels.
did you make it up to fletchers with your boys this winter..aint too late...

sorry for hijacking
No we haven't made it up this. First year I haven't been up. Work has been crazy busy and the boys basketball and girls cheerleading has had my free time down to nothing. Now we just started doing hardwood floors and painting our entire house!:banghead3 heard it was a pretty good year for perch up there too.
If you use the middle launch on the south side of launches there isn’t a curb in that spot so you can back in far enough. Just a FYI
I've fished there all my life and never knew that. Thanks for some reason me and everyone I fish with always use the docks to the north.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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