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6/6 Am report....
I am happy to report that the fishing is still decent (I have not been out much the past few weeks because of college.)
Fished 5:30 to 9:30 am out of Holland and ended up 7-13. with 70 pounds of fish in the box.

Best water was 90-110 on a 330 troll. Once we hit 110 we turned back into 90 and turned back out on the 330 troll. You will notice a bunch of bugs and such on the water along with the cotten. There are some HUGE schools of bait in that area and the steel are hanging out in there as well.
What worked
BLL Patriot 350 copper
BLL Mod Blue Veggie 250 copper
BLL Green Kato 200 Copper
Stinger Mixed veggie UV 2 color
DW SS green yellow dolphin fixed slider down 92
BLL Green/Yellow Dolphin w fish flash on the bottom
Stinger NBK on a fixed slider.
BLL Blue Green glow frog 300 copper

Best speed was 2.4

Most fish came on the N troll between Tunnel and 2 miles N of the stacks.
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