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Been a long day of fishing in the holland area..

started last night with some eye fishing (10pm) the pier was full on both sides with many people. I headed to the channel and jigged the first drop off for about an hour with one hit.

I had some house work to do so I headed home without seeing much happen in the channel.

I took the afternoon off work and headed back to the pier in search of fish in general.

I jigged from the bend to the lake mac end with only one hit on a 1/2 oz hopkins silver/ORG.

If anyone has fished the holland channel before you all know of the wood pylon on the north east end of the channel.

I started jiggin in the hole between that and the channel and no more then my second jig i hooked up.

15 min. later 17# carp in the net. it was hooked in the mouth and a great fight. (came on ORG. and siver again)

I worked around that corner for 2 hours this afternoon catching 2 more carp and once 9.5 # sheepie.

Overall i went 4-???? I had a bunch of hits and 2 break offs due to the pylon.

Father in law showed up and hooked into a few as well.

If your looking to get yourself or some youngsters into fish with nice weather check it out. its a riot.

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I hear you on the pylon thing, been there done that.:lol:

Stopped by the other night for eyes and north and south piers were packed. Saw none caught on either pier, but I did not stay long.

Tulip Time going on in Holland, just a reminder, as it will be a circus near town the next couple weeks.:dizzy:
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