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Hmmm...Dyeing my fishtrap?

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I love my Fishtrap Pro but I always wished it was black to keep it darker inside. Wonder if I could dye it? :confused:

Whatta ya think?
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Is that a vinyl material ? I'm pretty sure it is. I know that a few years ago while my brother was restoring an old convertible, the door panels and some of the other interior vinyl was in good shape but a bit faded. He got a "vinyl paint" in a spray can. He took all of the parts off and cleaned them up and sprayed them. They came out GREAT. I think it was a light blue color that he srayed them but I bet you could get it in black. Then it would just be as simple as spraying it and you'd be good to go. I'll probably be talking to him today sometime. I'll ask him where he got it. It bet it would work fine for your application.

I'll post here with the info after I talked to him.


I just logged off of here and on to Google and did a search for "vinylk paint" and got a bunch of hits.

Here's one of them :

Vinyl paint (dye)

I bet this would be just the ticket for what you need to do.

Good luck !

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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