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Here are two of my new decoys (pics)

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Here are two of my new decoys that I just carved the other day. I started carving old time decoys from the 50’s-60’s out of cedar. I find them on the Internet at auction and try and match them up as close as I can. I’ve had people look at them and ask were I found them. It’s a lot of fun and will be doing many many more.

So what do you guys think?
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Thanks Stacemo this is some of the stuff that I was looking for.

Ya I just made them over the weekend, I also made a few others that I didn’t post. As a matter of fact I just sold one today. What I like best about them is that they make great pieces for on the shelf. I just wish the pictures were a little better. I wish I had a picture of the one I sold. I’m sure I’ll have more to post soon.
This is my newest one. I have another one almost done…
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I have one but I found that a spoke shaver works better.
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