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Help w/ establishing food plots.

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I purchased 95 acres this year. It is approx. 40 acres wet swamp, 35 acres of cedar, and 20 acres of hardwoods. The hardwoods area is not mature with mosly small saplings. I'd like to plant food plots in the hardwood area; however the soil is very sandy. I'm looking for advise on ways to save cost and time with:

Tree clearing - Who do you contact to see if someone is willing to come in and select cut knowing that I do not want to pay or be paid and that this area is not choice trees? Is this possible or should I just grab my chainsaw?

Testing soil, Seed choices, Fertilizer, And everything else.

Thanks in advance for all responces!

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There are many on this board with way more experiance than I, but here would be my suggestion. Unless you have a money tree growing in your yard, Shoot for 2 acres to try to clear and prepare for planting (by hand, if you get 1 acre finished you will be doing good) This year. It may be very difficult to get any logger to come in unless you pay him if the trees are not big enough for at least pulp. Start by hand clearing and maybe you can make a few plots for your hunting and still be able to leave some harwoods come up for future generations? 20 years goes by very fast, trust me!
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Do you know anyone with a tracked Bobcat or small bulldoser?

Either will make really quick work out of small sapplings. There is nothing wrong with saving a few larger hardwoods as long as they don't overshade the area you want your foodplot in.

It's reccomended that 5-10% of your property be planted in food plots if possible, that of course doesn't mean that you need 4-9 acres of foodplots by this fall.

Start small, about .5-1 acre in size, and increase them in size each year until you're happy with their look.

And buy Ed Spins book "foodplots: as easy as 1-2-3"
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Let em grow
Good advice! We just put in a 1/2 mile atv/walking trail thru some OLD storm damage area this last weekend. It was so cold before I could get to them with the husky brusher I own some of my guys were just kicking small saplings and some would break right off at the base! This is a great time to hit an area with a small bulldozer!
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Originally posted by Letmgro
And buy Ed Spins book "foodplots: as easy as 1-2-3"
Here is a link for an order form for Ed Spinazzola`s book. It is the best source for foodplot information. http://members.tripod.com/~mmbqdm/PDFFiles/foodplotbookorderflyer.pdf

Another good book for overall habitat information is Neil and Craig Dougherty`s book "Grow `Em Right".
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