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Help on Boots - What is good for ice fishing?

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I currently have 6 yr old sorel glaciers. They dont seem to be keeping my feet as warm as they used to. New liners are $41.00 shipped from Cabelas.

However, I am thinking about the "mickey mouse" military surplus boots. There are white and black versions. Valve and with out valve. They are insulated rubber boots. Pricing is between 50 to 120 dollars, used and new for the boots.

Somebody told me that the black version is for humid type winters that we have here. The white version is for very low humid type winter like in Alaska.

I am leaning to the black version. Or should I get the white ones?

Any hints or suggestions out there? Or other boots that will keep feet warm when not moving around much on the ice or shoreline?
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Have you tried some 100% wool socks? My feet sweat with cotton socks then they get cold. Wool socks took care of that problem.
My brother swears by the Black ones. Myself I would'nt part with my Rocky Tundras. Never wore anything more than one thin pair of cotton sox.
I have had both types and would recommend either, make sure the valve stays shut or water will get in. I open my valve and shoot some caulk into it and close it for good. I ruined a pair walking through long grass and brush and then through ankle deep water, one boot took water and was never the same. The valve must have been opened(before i caulked them) and with the compression and decompression, sucked water into the felt soles. Just a personal expreience.

You might want to check ebay, a friend just got some new for 55+ shipping(buy now). The maufacturer is BATA on most, I remember hearing there is another one too.

I have used the Sorel and Mickey Mouse boots in the past and my feet got cold in both of them. I have had 1000 gram Rockies now for 3 years and will never buy another kind of boot! My feet stay warm and dry even on the coldest days on the ice.....Patch
I have used the black mickey mouse boots and they worked well. I now have lacrosse ice kings. They are the best boot I have ever owned. A little bulky but my feet do not get cold and that used to be a problem for me.

All I wear is a 1000 gram pair of hunting boots ( Herman Survivors) and one pair of cotton socks. Soak the boots down good with a silicone spray a couple time a year to make them very waterproof.
I have been wearing the same pair of LaCrosse Icemans since 86 and have not needed to look any further. I am glad to see that they are stilll making good boots because if I ever wear these out I'll be looking for a new pair of LaCrosse with the wool-polypropelene liners, great boots!
I second the Lacross Iceman. Fantastic boots. I ice fish from a Fish Trap, so my feet are on the ice all the time. They just stay warm. I have heard great things about the Mickey Mouse boots, as well.
I love my Rockies that I got last Christmas. I think everyone is different but I could NOT keep my feet warm until I received my new boots. I feel like I am walking in ski boots but my feet are warm.;)

My other half on the other hand, would be warm in sandals.:rolleyes:
fourth on the icemans. I steped in a hole last year and got a foot full of water. Took of the boot emptyed it out wrong out my sock put them back on and fished another 3 hours. I have 2 pairs one for work and one for hunting and fishing.
I 5th the ICEMANS,with a pair of the wicking-socks under my SmartWools.
LaCrosse icemans with the silky synthetic sock under merino wool works awsome. had this setup for to years and wouldn't trade for nuthin'. What ever you decide stay away from cotton socks!
Earlier this fall I bought a pair of Mickey Mouse type boots from sportsmans guide and they are great so far. I wanted a pair of white mickeys but I kept getting snuffed out of that good price on e-bay, so I bought these for 54 bucks. These have 2000 gram thinsulate and a better sole than the gov. issue ones. I was wearing my lacross ice kings to work and my feet were getting cold, not yet with these w/one pair of socks. They are kind of bulky, but I can live with that. :) Bolo P.s. Twoteal is right use a good sock like wool, or some synthetic blend but not cotton.
Thanks for all input.

I found the black bata micky boots at Cabelas = NEW. $49.99, cheapest place so far and bought them.

Loadup.com has them cheaper 39.99, but are out the black. They have the white but i figure black will be good also for late fall and early spring, especially when it rains.
Got my order from cabela's today. That was quick. The black mickey mouse boots are the BATA boots with the valves, brand new! What a deal for 49.99 plus shipping!
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