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Help-Info on Tikka Rifle

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In an earlier post a question was asked about the 270 and which manufacturer would be best. The Tikka was mentioned as an excellant rifle. I don't know anything about them, any comments would be appreciated before I buy one. Thanks
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Sorry to tell ya man,
Sako bought Tikka 4 years ago,and now come Jan 1st,Berretta will own both Sako and Tikka,and Stoeger will be reduced to selling the IGA line of euro shotguns.
Rumors have Berretta expanding the Tikka and Sako lines,and increasing availability to fill the void created by the domestics cranking out semi-finished rifles that need lots of love out of the box.
No doubt about it,the Tikka rules in the out of the box category.Lets just hope Berretta dosn't screw things up!Cheers!Pat
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