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Hey all....

Wonderful site... found it Googling and just had to join.

My name is Eddie and I live in Flint Twp with my wife, Tami. I've worked in the auto industry for the last ten years but it looks like it's time to take the buyout and run. I've been on layoff since January and finally had some time to get my fishing tackle dusted off after being neglected for 10 years.

Fortunately for me, Tami loves to fish too. We've been tearing up the panfish pretty good this year considering we are pretty much shore fishing around the old millponds. Her dad has a pontoon on a lake over near Allegan but we've only made it over there once this year so far. Hyperinflation sucks!

If anyone lives around our area, we'd love to meet a few people to go fishing with (on a boat would be great!) as all of my fishing buddies have either passed away or moved out of Michigan. We're decent people and won't try to steal your wallet! :)

Feel free to PM me if you are interested.


Eddie & Tami
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