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Hello All

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My name is Amanda, my husband sitting next to me right now is Phil. We have a 5 year old son (Alex) that is begining his back country hiking training this year. I have been hiking since I was 15 (mostly day hikes) but still put on a full pack to keep in shape for those extended hikes. My husband is fairly new at extended hikes. He would have been experienced by now but I busted my knee at work almost 3 years ago so we were not able to get started. We were going to start when Alex turned 3 and it backfired badly!!! But instead I learned how to use cast iron over an open camp fire. We are avid TENT campers!! We are starting back country hiking this summer once I am fixed LOL. For having a bad knee I still do pretty well. Oh before I forget we have been to almost every state park in S.E. Michigan but we have visted just about every State Park from the Soo (Sault St. Marie) to the Keweenaw Peninsula. So we are a busy family.

Hope to meet a few more like us. Talk to you all later.:)

P.S. We also have a husky, Kiska, could not forget the newest member of our family.
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Hi there!!! Welcome aboard
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