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Heater ques

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I am in the market to get a new heater for my shanty and was wondering whay u guys/gals recomend? Was looking at the Coleman Powercat, does anyone have this one? Suggestions please. Thanks!

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I use a Coleman Sportcat in my portable hunting blind because it is very quite and puts off less stink than any of my other heaters. :)

It's smaller than the Powercat and doesn't put off enough heat to keep me warm when the temp dips below freezing. :(

The Coleman Powercat should be a better choice for ice fishing, but for hunting I still like the compact design of the Sportcat. :D

Mr. Heater makes a great quality heater, that's what I use in my portable ice shanty!

Good luck!
I would recommend the Mr. Heater. I use one in my portable and fish without a coat most of the time. I got mine at TSC on sale for 69 dollars regular price is around 89 bucks.
Definetly go with the Mr. Heater Buddy. I had a Coleman Blackcat and that thing couldn't melt butter!

My brother, his son and I went out Sat. and we were very cozy in the shanty. A 1 pound disposable propane cylinder lasted about 3 hours with the heater running on high. I've got a 5 pound tank and a hose but I keep forgetting to fill the damn thing up.

Mr. Heater buddy is well worth the money in my opinion.

I'll vote for the Mr. Heater Buddy. It's an versatile product with excellent features. I've used it with both the disposable cans, and off a 20# tank, and it works just fine. You just can't go wrong with it, IMO.
Had a Powercat for 3 days, used it twice...puts out less heat than a lantern...returned it and got a Mr Heater Buddy. The Mr Heater seems to put out twice the heat as a good lantern (On high setting.) I have the hose kit and an 11# cylinder I use with it but when I was usuing the 1# Coleman cylinders I would typically get 4-5 Hrs of heat on High setting and bout 7Hrs on low setting.
It has been a very dependable source of heat. Highly recommended.
Brother-in-law has a new in the box power cat [ well not new anymore. ] That he will sell for $50. I am having troube with my old mister heater and he let me try it out. I used it in my fish trap 11 and it was -16deg. with no wind, I could take my gloves off and fish. I like it but I could use a little more heat. I think it puts out 3,000 or 3500 btu's. The back does not get hot so you can put it against anything and not worry about it burning. I nead to test it out in my clam 5600 next. I think it will put out enought heat in the clam because it don't have as many places for the air to come in. Does anyone know how many BTU's the buddy puts out? My mister puts out 10,000 at the lowest setting ad thats to much [ I have to heep on shutting the heater off and on ] also it uses to many 1pound tanks.
If you do go with a Mr. Heater, as we were discussing on a different thread, as of Saturday, Meijer still had them on clearance for $52. Definitely check to see if that's still the case...
i would go with mister heater we tryed all the diffent ones and thats the best one we had :)
Saturday morning I went out with my mister Heater and my shappel 3000 shanty. It was probably 5 degrees outside, and well below zero within the windchill. Cranked up the mr. heater on the high level, and in just a little while I had to take my jacket off because it was too warm, and eventually had to turn the thing down. It works really well.
The SportCat, at 1000 BTUs, doesn't throw enough heat. I am better off using a lantern for heat in the Shanty.

Have not used a Mr. Buddy, but would like to know how many BTUs they throw.

Have asked on M-S a couple of times now and am still wondering.
Mr Heater Buddy throws 4000 btus at Low setting and 9,000 btus at High setting. I believe the coleman blackcat is only rated for 3000 btus.

All I know for sure is that it is a good little heater. Very portable and easy to use, with some very good features (auto shut off if it gets tipped, low oxygen shut-off, 0" clearance required at the back, etc.)

Definetely worth the $$. I got mine at TSC for 59.00 but they will probably be on sale everywhere pretty soon.

Now if I could just catch some damn fish!!!!
I use a Coleman focus 5 it has 3,500 low & 5,000 high BTU's it keep's me plenty warm (no coat or gloves in a Viking 3000) but I am tempted to go for the Mr. Buddy cause of all the good thing's I've read. Does the Mr. Buddy have an adjustable direction for the heat?
Yeah, you pick it up by the handle and face it in a different direction ;)

Actually, the one thing that is a nuisance about the thing, even though it might be a great thing as far as safety goes, is it's autoshutoff. It's designed to shutoff if it's tipped over, but the pilot light frequently goes out even if you barely move it. Again, probably a good thing, but sometimes it gets annoying.
I've used Coleman lanterns , I have a Coleman SportCat (USELESS) , I have a Paulin 'red hot grid' type , NONE have worked so well as the
"Mr. Heater Buddy" - and I dig it!!
It just gets too much like the livingroom inside sometimes!!!!!!
I got me a Mr.Heater Buddy today at Tractor Supply for $59 + tax. I like it so far.
I just found the Mr. Buddy's on sale for $44.99 at Northern Tool !
I just ordered one, $53.90 total with shipping. Get 'em FAST !

Mr. Buddy on sale
Yeah, and if they're sold out at Northern Tools, it looks like Meijer stores still have them on clearance for $52.
Budster , I hope you have a "positive" experience W/ Northern Tool.....
I know of a few people , that those SHYSTERS jerked their chains with the "back order" story.... seems they like to take orders and "back order" oodles of folks until they get enough "purchasing power" together to make a big blanket order , so THEY can get that "good price" , while using YOUR money on YOUR credit card.......:eek:
I REALLLLY hope this does NOT happen to you too!!
G'luck Bro!!!
:D Robert :D
Well Robert,
I've dealt with them in the past and had no problems. If I don't receive my merchandise shortly, I'll just cancel the order and get credit for it. That's one good thing about using credit cards, it gives you a little leverage.
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