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Heard first gobbles

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Saturday morning I heard the first gobbles of the year behind my house. Just a few. Sunday none, this morning as the sun was coming up, he was gobbling like crazy. Its nice to be able to walk outside in the morning with a cup of coffee and listen to all the birds and the turkeys, bad thing is I had to go to work.
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i ve only seen a couple turkeys so far this spring but looking at my notes it looks like about another 3 weeks till i will start seeing them more. good news is i am seeing more pheasants this year so far than i have in the past. the past 3 morning ive had a couple roosters in the back yard picking through my garden.
wild bill,
Glad to hear you're seeing some pheasants. If you need any help "thinning" those out this fall, let me know. I'm not too far away. I'll trade you an outstanding bowhunt here at my place.
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