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The comment period closes on JANUARY 15th!
There has been some discussion on this topic over in the Cold Water Species Fishing board as well, so check there as we might have already answered your question. If not, please feel free to ask questions here-

If you fish Platte Bay for any species of fish, please take a second to read through this proposal and submit comments to the National Park Service on this issue. The Park Service has made it clear that they are looking for any factual and constructive input from the public- so please make sure to take the time to read the document and base your opinion in facts.


Follow the link above, click "Open for Comment" on the left side of the page. The link to the proposal in located there, and once you open the proposal a button that says "Comment Now" becomes available.

Option 1 is the status quo- MDNR would continue to work with the National Park Service to provide dredging at the mouth of the Platte River as it has been done in the past, with the exception that we would look for a new method of disposing of the dredge spoils rather than piling them on the beach and disrupting the landscape even further.

The National Park Service is recommending Option 2 - which includes total restoration of Platte Point River Mouth Access and removal of any dredge spoils that currently reside there. No further dredging will take place and the mouth/river will be left to nature. The boat launch would be left to use "as is".

Option 3 - would included the restoration mentioned in Option 2, but also a large project to widen Tiesma Road to two-directional traffic, seasonally install (fall only) a Geo-Web launch into Lake Michigan, and add parking and restroom facilities. This launch is a similar style to those installed at Empire and Glen Arbor, and there would be no dock.

DNR Fisheries Division feels very strongly about maintaining angler access for the fisheries of Platte Bay, and we hope you do as well. The chance for a small boat angler to go out and target lake trout, walleye, coho salmon, Chinook salmon, brown trout, cisco, whitefish, and steelhead in this location is one of the most unique and beautiful fishing opportunities we have in this state- and we need to work together to ensure that this opportunity remains available to the anglers of this state for years to come.
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