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Heading out tonight

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Hunting a spot down in monroe. Rabbit heaven. Fresh Coyote tracks, scat, pee, you name. I have hunted morning. Nothing. Evening nothing. I am a rookie but seeing sign like this is pretty cool. So I have read night is better so later on I will give it a shot.
Not his past snow but the one before. The coyotes got 2 rabbits then took a big dump right in the middle of the two track. Man these prints are good size. I am just hoping for some luck. Do you have a recommend any calls for green horns. I bought one at gander. Plastic deal. Rotate it and it does like 4 different sounds. I am new to the sport and Just can't by an electric call at this time. Well good luck to everyone. Just looking to talk.
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Good Luck Teach!!

Let us know how it goes.
nothing, put out some fresh bait, squirrel stew. I will head back later to see if anything has shown up yet. i am thinking about getting some trailtimers to see when he comes 5threw there. i always seem to miss him.
went for a ride today to check some of our hot spots not even one track. i was pretty bumed out going down to clio area to see what is happening down there .

I set up in a woodlot near Clio tonight. No luck, but I have seen plenty of sign in the area.
went out saturday night and set four sets for coyote and then set-up one spot to call from. didnt see a single track other than bunny tracks.
nothing in traps sunday morning nothing came to the call.

sunday night thought I might bust a coyote hunting the cedar swamp for deer or bunnies but nothing came to the call. sat there for about an hour and a half without using my mouth call just to see if I could catch one hunting on his own agenda but no luck.
had a lot of fun just being out in the woods though.

I am new to Coyote hunting and live close to you. If you would not mind maybe I could buddy up with sometime. I could use a little mentoring I think.
I live in whitecloud in newaygo co. which is about an hour and a half away from saranac.
I am no expert on hunting coyote but I managed to call in one and connect on it with a 22-250 and got a full body mount done of it . been hooked on predator hunting ever since, its like an addiction.
I have seen five more on one hunt but had no chance for a shot.
anytime you want to plan a hunt I am all for it.
I do have permission to hunt a pretty good sized farm in northern kent county where I have seen many red fox while deer hunting.
also if your interested in red fox, there is a very good article written in the latest issue of fur-fish-and game that sheds alot of tactics on how to hunt reds. best fox hunting article I ever read.
I actually just started this year, and picked up a 22- 250 as well. I have friends around newaygo and spent some time around bridgeton and white cloud. have family in whitecloud as well.

We should hook up some time.
cool I might make arrangements to hunt the farm this weekend for red fox saturday morning to get out around there around 5:00 am to call until its daylight and then try the old spot and stalk.
let me know if you wanna go.
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