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Has anyone else heard...............

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Has anyone else heard that Michigan is definately going to drop the minimum firearms age from 14 to 12?

I ran into a friend this morning who told me it will be signed into law this year. Their 12 year old daughter spoke in favor of it on the house floor and received a card from a house member stating it will be law this year.
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The State House approved the bill (HB4225) in early December.

It must go through the State Senate and then be signed by the Governor to become law.........tm
To the best of my knowledge it is still in the senate.

Thanks for the info.

I knew that it passed the house but never heard anything about the senate or the governor signing into law.
Even the largest stone can be eroded to the point of breaking by a slow, constant drip of water. This law changing is continued good news. I think the information age, and people like us getting the word out, are good on issues like this. Opinion polls and monologues are often bunk on web sites, but web sites can sure be great learning tools. Let's hope the "many" continue to learn about other changes that are needed.
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My son's birthday is in late November........ that will give him a shot at a late season deer with his gun if this passes.......

I hope for him it does......
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