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Handgun Laws??

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Hello guys, a couple questions...
I relocated here about 6 months ago (active duty millitary)..I must say, of all 5 states that I have lived in and, although there is worse, Michigan has the most strict handgun laws I've seen. Anyhow, I have not yet registered my hanguns, and was wondering if I need to, if I keep them only in my private residence?

Also, I have a coworker who wants to trade a rifle for one of my pistols, I would assume I have to register before we can trade??He is relocating soon, and it a 'smokin deal(for me!) and I'd like to trade before he leaves. If I do have to register, how long does it take??

Are there any other laws in regards to transfering handguns to other private parties?

As nice as this state is, some of you would be shocked at how strict these laws are compared to other states. I have never, ever had to register a gun in my life...guess I better learn the ropes.
Thanks guys..
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Call your local police dept. and explain to them that you just moved here and want to register your pistols. Your pistols must be registered to be legal. I know where I live I go to the city police dept., but for residents that have no local police dept. the county sheriifs office handles it.
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