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Hand augers

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Are all hand augers similar or do some work easier than others? I am looking to buy a 6" auger for perch. I used to have a Mora but it was a piece of junk...
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Lazer is the way to go with a hand auger. I too had a Mora and just switched to a lazer at the very end of last season. The difference was night and day to me. Cuts like butter.

Second the motion on the Lazer, the only way to move up from there is a power auger. You can chase an old hole with a lazer, a mora won't do that either.
I appreciate the help. Now, what size augers are out there for panfish/perch? Where is a good place to get one fast?
6" max for that. You could probably use a 5" just fine and maybe even a 4". I have not tried anything smaller than a 6". The 6" cuts so easy that I figure why go smaller.

Probably try a gander mountain, bass pro shops, cabelas. Whichever one is closest to you. They should all have them right now.

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I don't know Saginaw well enough to recommend a place. Gander Mountain, BPS, any bait shop near Saginaw River would likely have them. I punch ALOT of holes in a days fishing. I had an 8", too much work, a 6" has worked for me for a couple of years now. Landed some big pike in it to.

Two places i would check that are near sag. is gander mountain and also Franks.
river_walleye, Frank's in Linwood has them all the time in stock. Great unit, LAZER auger that is. I've owned a 6"er for panfish (and 'eyes too :eek: ) that is sweet. Cuts like dream. Not bothered to buy extra blades, bought the six dollar sharpener built for the LAZER and it works excellent. After four or five strokes on each blade, cuts like new for another dozen holes (unless you bang 'em up) of course. Lazer IS the way to go for a hand unit. :eek: :rolleyes: :D

Whale :cool:
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I motion for the Lazer. I have an 8 inch Lazer and bought it in Colorado. It will cut thru 1.5 - 2 feet of ice! Did it in Colorado!
Is the Lazer made by Strikemaster and has 2 non-serrated blades? I want to make sure I buy the right one this time...Thanks again everyone!
There are 2 major brands that I know of(mora&lazor)lazor is black.Brand name will be on the unit.I have the 4" lazor.I had a 3" mora that was a peice of crap.

Strikemasters Hand Auger Homepage

Keeping in mind Strikemaster makes both Strikemaster, and Mora augers. Don't get snookered into a Mora--they blow. They cut good, but the blades don't last very long and cost a lot to replace (over and over and over again).
How unfortunate! I bought the 8" Mora at BPS this evening. I guess I should take it back and get the Lazer??

Should I stick with the 6" since I'm new to ice fishing and move up to 8" later?

[email protected]:confused:
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I was at Gander Mountain yesterday for a few thing's, and they have a bunch of power augers and hand auger's out. I really wasn't their for a auger, so I am not as to which brand names they had sitting out. I have a Mora, and have yet to have any problem's with it. Keep the blades sharp and you will be fine.

That would be totaly up to you. For the size of blade, it really depends on what your main target will be when ice fishing. If it is just pan fish, than I would stick with the 6" but if you are wanting to target other species such pike or walleye, then I would pick up the 8"
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i would recommend the 5" if you are primarily targeting panfish, if your going to use it for walleye to the get the 6". Lazers rule. Just don't let none of your friends even touch it, next thing you know they are digging holes in the sand with it ,and thats all she wrote for your blades.
I just bought a new Strikemaster laser on E bay (buy it now for $50.00 ) ...in the 5 inch .....Prices are according to the size you want ...I think the 4'' is 47.50 ....shipping is from New York for 5.50
Not sure how good the prices are but at least I did'nt have to go out of the house and look all over the place Plus I didn't pay any taxes :)
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You may want to do that, Doc. I've had a Jiffy hand auger for about 20 years, it uses Mora blades an I get a good work out using it. I use it early and switch to my power auger once the ice gets thick. The mora type cut, but the Lazer's will do it quicker and if you're moving around trying to get on some fish, you'll end up hitting more spots, if needed, because you'll use less effort cutting.

As far as size, the smaller the cut the less effort needed to cut and an 8" will take more effort than a 6". Bigger is not always better and the size choice is usually determined by the type of fishing you do. If gill, perch and crappie are your main target, a 6" will be plenty, imo. If you go after walleye, tip-up for pike or go for some trout, a larger auger, like the 8" maybe a better choice.

Good luck on the ice.
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Doc; Take that Mora back and get a lazer. Like Sib, I have been useing the Jiffy and Mora hand augers more then 20 years. That 8" will hurt you. If you can go with a smaller hand auger. I just got a 6"lazer and will try it out this week-end. I have seen people use the lazer for a while now and it looks like they cut a lot faster and easier then the Jiffy's and Mora's. Tips; don't ever turn handle backwards, don't drill into old holes, if you do let someone use yours, tell them DON'T TURN THE HANDLES BACKWARDS. Keep new blades and tools to change them handy. They will cut you also, so be careful. I was getting the ice off of mine and my buddy walked up behind me and I never knew he was there, I turn around and cut him bad on the back of his hand. cya
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FYI I was in a jam one day and had to pick up a Eskimo Barracuda 6 inch auger. I later found out it takes the same blades as Lazer augers and it works great.
Be sure to read the above advise about letting other people use it, let alone touch it. The blades are so freakin expensive and fragile, but if you take care of them they will last for a long time.

I don't let anybody use my auger anymore...

People take the auger and slam it on the ice. I actually had a blade chip one time because somebody was knocking the ice off. I couldn't move fast enough to stop it from happening.
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