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Han Line Reel Mounting

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Just got a couple of new A&S's for the new season. My older reels were set up a little different and I am looking for a cheap and creative way to mount the new A&S reels to my boat. I've got a 15' aluminum Mirro-Craft. Any Ideas? Besides mounting a 2x4 across the width of the bow? Any ideas are appreciated.

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I just mounted a couple of pieces of angle aluminum to the backside of the front bench seat using riv-nuts into the seat and bolted the angle into the riv-nuts. It keeps them low so they don’t interfere with my boat cover and they work fine from that position. Not sure if your boat has a front bench seat but this worked well for my layout. BTW, welcome to the site Hooker! :)
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we used to clamp them to the side also now I have made a mount . If you clamp those nice A&S 's to the side don't forget to tie a teather to them just incase they come loose
I added an oar lock to each side of my boat and made up an aluminum mounting block with a recess on one side for the reel-clamp and a brass pin with a set screw on the other side of the mounting block. I leave the mounting block attached to the reel and just drop the whole assembly right in to the oar lock when I'm ready to use it.
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thats neat Mudpuppy:D
Thanks.....hope it helps someone. It's worked perfectly for me and a few other rats for years. ;) They don't bounce around or anything when you're running either.
Thats a great looking mount mudpuppy.

I mounted a plastic block on the back edge of the short deck on the front of my boat. the blocks stick up at a 90 degree angle to the deck and I mount my reels to them. I use a wire teather with a snap to each reel. I have had a reel bounce loose while running and they cost to much to have to replace, I would jhate to lose one because of carelessness. I had put the mounts on the front seat but it was to low and the wire line kept hitting my fish finder.
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That's a pretty cool setup "Muddpuppy"! Where did you get the aluminum for the mounting plate? I like to make one myself.
Hey muddpuppy,
I did the same thing on my Lund. The seat didn't have the overhang, to clamp the reel on, so I added oar locks up front. Had a guy at work make an aluminum post and plate set up. Put the pin on 25 degree angle to the plate, so the reel sit flat. Drilled at taped the oar lock, to accept a thumb screw, to lock the pin in place. Looks good and works great.
Walleye Magnet
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Thanks guys......
Walleyevision I actually had a friend of mine who is a boring-mill operator make the mounts up from scrap at the shop. I'm sure Metal Mart or someplace similar would have some materials you could get cheap. I'd probably check the yellow pages or something similar and look for some.

Walleyemagnet that sounds like a great set-up too. On my boat I have the wide gunnel sides that are actually at a 90degree angle so I lucked out with the oar lock mounting and the way the pin slips in there. But I understand what you mean about the 25 degree angle and I see how a threaded thumb screw would work out great in that situation.

Good luck fishing guys...... tight lines and solid tuggs !! ;)
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