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Guns were baked, then fried

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Howard man’s guns were baked, then fried
No injuries from fire after guns were left in oven

A Howard man cooked up trouble by forgetting to retrieve his handguns from what he thought was safekeeping after returning from vacation.
Fire crews responded to the Island Court home about 7 p.m. Tuesday for a fire in the oven.
When firefighters put out the fire, they found three handguns in the oven and a handful of spent ammunition.

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Kind of a good idea in theory. No one would look in the oven for guns! Maybe they'll start now.
Those wives, I tell ya!
Good thing neither of them was hurt. That would be a hard one to explain...honest officer, I didn't shoot her...
About a year ago, a little girl was shot and killed when a gun went off and the bullet went thought a stove door and struck her. Seems the woman put the loaded pistol in the oven to keep it away from the kids, then forgot about it. The round in the chamber cooked off the next day when she turned the oven on to warm it up. She was charged with neglegent homicide.
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Again? When will they ever learn?

Shooting gives new meaning to 'smoking gun'

A hot gun that fired a round into a woman's hip early Friday wasn't stolen — it was literally being cooked.
Hidden inside an oven, the .357-caliber revolver went off as Roxanne Perez began warming a late snack of fish sticks and chocolate chip cookies in her South Side apartment.

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