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Guns for Christmas

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It's funny. While driving around listening to the radio, you'll hear shows that criticize parents for giving their children toy guns. (Secular and Christian radio, alike.) My favorite quote regarding that is from Doctor Dobson. "A boy will make a gun out of his bologna sandwich and play with it." I can remember doing that as a boy. (That, and smily faces out of plain bologna slices.) Anyway........ I gave my son a Red Ryder a couple years ago, when he was 9. My daughter, 13 at the time, enjoyed it just as much as he. Meanwhile, my wife goes off to a retreat this year and does extremely well on the range. So..... This year both children got a 1000 fps pellet gun, and the wife got a new 22 mag Savage. Plus, the boy got another bb/pellet gun, with pump action.

What a blast! Whether it's my wife and I having a can knocking down contest, or just having target practice with the 4 of us, this is just great fun. I don't know how many folks think of shooting guns at targets as family fun, but it is.

That's all.
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