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gummi minnow

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for those who cant seem to find a pic of this "new" fly, i will put one up here.

can anyone who has tied these give me any help with this. i know i need a different hook because the gap is not near big enough for it to effectively hook fish (in my opinion)

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from the ones i have seen at the local shop, most are tied on a salt water hook. i just dont want to put the money down for the expense of having another hook for this pattern.

i agree, the shorter shank/ wider gap hook, would work alot better.

what other hooks are there available besides the saltwater? i dont know if any of the nymph or even scud hooks would be a good one for this pattern
thanks pat, i will look into them.

lunker, the gummi part of it is called sili skin. it is relatively new on the market i think. it is made by the same company that makes the loco and sili foam i believe
the yellow is just the bad lighting i was in.

here is a link to the sili skin
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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