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Guideline for Rifle Cartridge Killing Power

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This is a good guideline for hunters looking into different cartridges. Obviously, there are many different weight bullet combinations that aren't mentioned, but you get the drift.

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Pretty neat to study over. My 25-06 and .450 BM are real close on H.I.T.S.
Thanks for posting. Very interesting to see the information provided.
Good information for sure.
Keep in mind, the list is a guideline. There’s lots of options not listed.

For example, the 6.5x55 only lists a 140gr bullet and the 7mm-08 only lists 139gr.

Both come in a fairly hot Norma factory 156gr Oryx bullet that will bump that HIT number up a fair amount.
This is how they calculate it.

HITS = (V x W2)/(700,000 x D2)
V = velocity, fps
W = bullet weight, grains
D = bullet diameter, inches

Note that "W2" means "W squared", likewise for D2

Interesting guide, but bullet construction and other manufacturer's options are the grains of salt that this should be taken with as PF mentioned.
Interesting but none of this is a substitute for good shot placement.
.375 H&H in the wrong spot may as well be a .22; a .243 dead center will drop a big bull elk no problem.
I'll have to print this out for all of the deer I shoot with my .223 so they know that they don't have to fall over right away because the numbers say so...
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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