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In the state of Michigan, do you need any type of license to work as a guide?

Can anybody make themselves available to be hired?

I'm just wondering.
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They have a good chance of getting lucky. Of course you will have to show them the ropes huh?
My buddy drew about 4 years ago and was fortunate to take one. I am really looking forward to my dad getting a permit. He has never bear hunted and I know he would just love it!

As far as me teaching him.... I learned a heck of a lot from this web site and guys like you!
Sounds like a good chance to spend some quality time with your dad. Go along as a camera man if possible. That way you could cherish the memory after the hunt. What do you guys use for bait? I have been itching to get out and look around up here for signs of any bears moving during this warm spell. Maybe I can get out this weekend.
You can bet I'll be there as the camera man. I actually used a video camera for my hunt. I sat in one of our deer blinds and sat the camera in the window....what a great memory I have now.

We used donuts for bait. I also spread liquid mollasses (spelling) on the trees, but it did not seem to do much for the bears. . We found out later that there were a total of 7 guys baiting within a 1/4 of a mile from one another and only 2 of us were fortunate enough to get one.

I checked my bait again the night after I shot mine, and it was hit again. I'm thinking about getting one of those trail camera's.
Yeah those trail timers work good for patterning the bears. See if you can get some grape jelly down your way. I think a guy in Pinconning sells it in bulk. It may be a little expensive but it works great to bring in bears earlier in the evening. A friend of mine had chocalate (I think) last year and that worked well also. There is also a place in GR that sells ground up cookie crumbs and pop-tarts by the bulk. I know of quite a few guys that have had good luck with that. I'm going to get some for this year. Sounds like you had good luck with donuts though. I'm just giving you some more ideas. The ground up cookies and pop-tarts are a little easier to handle I think though.
Big Game,

I hunt in Red Oaks and used donuts and white chocolate. I got the choc from the Pinconning guys in a 55 gallon drun. I would put out the donuts with a big old chunk of choc to go along with it. To be honest, the bears like the donuts better.

Much like you grand slam, I had lots of bait stations around mine. And the dog hunters ran the bears all during the training season. I didn't mind, I enjoyed talking to them and hearing about the bears they treed.

I had a trail camera that I moved between two sites and got lots of pics of the local bear population. Retrieving film is as much fun as hunting, well almost.

I had so much fun that I can't wait to help run baits for a buddy when one draws a tag. I guess thats why I started this thread.

Hunting bear is a blast!!!
Oh, by the way, I was joshua. Had technical problems that couldn't be fixed so I had to be reborn in the forum comunity.
Happy re-birth David. Sounds like your geeked up on bear.:D
Yeh BG

I'm not sure why it has hit me so hard, but it has. I wish I could hunt the Rd Oak area every year.

I know I could hunt more if i were willing to go to the UP, but my lovly wife and I just bought 95 acres with a cabin. We did so that I can still deer hunt as much as possible and she and our baby can come along and be comfortable. If I ran of to the UP I might mess up a goog thing. For now she accepts my heading north for 3 full weeks plus every weekend during the season. I just have to be home on Thanksgiving day and X-mas. She comes with we some and other times I take a buddy. It works well.

I've met a lot of bear hubters who hunt with dogs last year. Got to know them well when their dogs ran across my land. Don't take that wrong either. I fully except that when there is 200 areas of private land surrounded by 1000's of state that this will happen. The dogs can be let go a mile from me and end up crossing my place. I think I will try tagging along with then this year if they will let me.
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