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In the state of Michigan, do you need any type of license to work as a guide?

Can anybody make themselves available to be hired?

I'm just wondering.
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"You don't need a guide to be successful here in Michigan. All you have to do is get out there and get away from the people (including most guides) that drive the road and look for elk to shoot at."

Big Game, you hit the nail on the head. I drew a permit in 01" and was successful by doing my own homework. I found that their are two types of elk guides here in MI, one that will take the hunter out in the woods and HUNT an elk and the other kind of guide that will drive the two tracks until they see one for you to shoot.

I was constantly reminded by one guide that if I didn't hire him I probably wouldn't get an elk. He kept quoting statistics to me about the guys who hired guides and the ones who didn't and their lack of success. Funny thing, we stayed at the same hotel outside of Gaylord that this "guide" stayed at and we compared notes each night. We actually saw more elk than him!!! And like I said, I took one and I believe his clients were skunked.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some very good guides out their. Matter of fact, I talked to one father and son team that were more helpful to me than anyone else and I didn't even hire them!

If you are fortunate enough to draw a tag and have to hire a guide, ask a lot of questions and ask for references. Heck, ask people on this forum!
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My tag was for a cow. I tell you what, it was the hunt of a life time. I actually tracked this herd for almost 3 hours (no snow, it was 50 degrees) before I shot.

Hey, I just noticed this forum is under "Bear Hunting" not ElK!!

Where do you hunt bears? I got my first one in 2002 in the Red Oak area.
Thanks for the invite and your right....no elk steaks left.

I hunt over in the Glennie/Curran area. My dad and buddy both have 3/4 pp, and hopefully will draw this year.
My buddy drew about 4 years ago and was fortunate to take one. I am really looking forward to my dad getting a permit. He has never bear hunted and I know he would just love it!

As far as me teaching him.... I learned a heck of a lot from this web site and guys like you!
You can bet I'll be there as the camera man. I actually used a video camera for my hunt. I sat in one of our deer blinds and sat the camera in the window....what a great memory I have now.

We used donuts for bait. I also spread liquid mollasses (spelling) on the trees, but it did not seem to do much for the bears. . We found out later that there were a total of 7 guys baiting within a 1/4 of a mile from one another and only 2 of us were fortunate enough to get one.

I checked my bait again the night after I shot mine, and it was hit again. I'm thinking about getting one of those trail camera's.
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