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In the state of Michigan, do you need any type of license to work as a guide?

Can anybody make themselves available to be hired?

I'm just wondering.
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I'm pretty sure you don't need any type of license here. I may be wrong though so you may want to go to the hunting laws forum and ask Boehr.
Originally posted by stevebrandle
I think ANY guides in Michigan should have a certificate from the State even if it costs a dollar. There are too many scams and unregulated people calling themselves "guides" for hunting in Michigan. The charter boat captain's have to tow the line and the hunting guides should be willing to do the same. Just my opinion.
I'll agree with you to an extent. The reason I don't think it is necesary is because of the local guys up here that own land and want the elk shot off of it. They don't want to open it up to some "paper" guide from down state. Nor should they have to. They want to be able to guide them selves. It is not that hard to guide for elk up here. If you own land with hayfields nine out of ten nights you will have a herd in the fields. All fall I watched about 40 elk in my father-in-laws fields at night. If I keep my window open in the evening I hear them bugle.
Originally posted by Elk Guide
hi steve.......there are currently i beleave 42 registered elk guides in michigan but all this means is we are registered with the state no license or any thing and the state doesnt want to get involved with registering us.....there are also another 40 who guide from time to time that are not registered and the state does suggest you go only with a registered guide but does nothing to stop the other guys from guideing......i am trying to get all the guides together that are registered so we can come up with some form of certification but most of them still say if the state doesnt push it we arent going to do it......i have about 8 who are interested but this has been a very slow road to go down......i dont know what the state is up to with the elk herd lately i can't get the info i was geting.....i hope the bear guides get better results than i am from the state
Just because you are listed as an official guide doesn't mean you are not a scammer. Back in 2000 during my elk hunt, I had set out trailing a herd. I had just left my truck and turned to head in the woods when a "guide" who is listed on the states list pulled up and introduced himself to me. He asked if I had seen any elk and I showed him the tracks. He then had the nerve to ask me if I would take his hunter in there with me so he could shoot one. Well to make a long story short the hunter managed to stay behind me about 50 yrds. I just ended up pushing the herd in some thick stuff and then picked them up in the morning and eventually shot one. Now the story on the hunter was that he only had a few days to hunt. Was I greedy by not being cordial enough to take his hunter in? Were they just my elk seeing how I was on state land? I don't think so, but they were no more his than mine. I guess it just really surprised me to see this official guide wanted his hunter to get one so bad that he had him follow me.
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Originally posted by stevebrandle
Big Game,

A "paper" guide wouldn't be worth much if he didn't have some ground to hunt on. Are most of the elk on private or State land?
If you spend some time up here around the elk you will find that they roam from area to area, depending on food, females, cover and pressure. I'll tell you what. Those elk that spent all fall in my father-in-laws field would spend the afternoon feeding. We watched them many nights and got to recognize the antlers of a few of the bulls. I talked to a logger logging some state land a few miles away and he described the number of the herd along with the antlers of the bulls. According to him the herd hung out in the mornings around the tree tops and then moved onto our property as the day got later.

This whole thing about guides registering is a bunch of hog wash if you ask me. Most locals want the elk shot and don't want to have to register or take classes to be an "officiail" guide. If they weren't allowed to have people on their land to shoot elk because they aren't guides would be crazy. The locals don't do it for the money as most probably don't charge anyways. I guess my whole idea is that this is some way to make guides mandatory here in Michigan and to make the prices the same across the board. The way I look at it if you have a tag and waste it because your guide was a slob than that is the hunters fault. Tags are hard enough to come by here and if you don't do your research your the one who wasted it. I mean come on most DNR officers will take you out and show you an elk if the season is nearing an end. You don't need a guide to be successful here in Michigan. All you have to do is get out there and get away from the people (including most guides) that drive the road and look for elk to shoot at. Do your scouting and get to know the area and you will find elk. This is not out west where you need to look for miles and miles to find elk. They are concentrated in a small area here.
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Congrats on your elk Grandslam. What was your tag for? I guess if they had a registered guide system here in Michigan, I don't think it would deter this kind of activity like I see every year up here. All it would do is force those with the luck of the draw to have to hire a guide and cause this committee or whoever will oversee it to set a price on the guide service. As far as I'm concerned if somebody is going to go with a guide I would recommend Vern Bishop. As far as I'm concerned he is the best around in Michigan. I know Vern personally and he knows where the elk are even when the pressure is on. The nice thing of it is he knows alot of locals up here and can get you in on private property if you need to follow a herd. He does it all on horseback and makes for a memorable hunt.
Yeah this was posted in the Bear hunters forum but turned into an elk thing.

I live outside of Wolverine just a few miles from the Pigeon River Forest. Where was your bear taken at in Red Oak? I hunt mostly the Pigoen River area. Lots of bear but also alot of hunters. The bears around here have gotten mean from all the running. I think this year I'm going to try west of Wolverine some. I know of alot of bears out that way with not so much pressure. If your out during the Red Oak hunt I'll be making bear camp out in the Pigeon someplace and your welcome to stop in. I don't suppose you have any elk steaks left but your welcome to stop in anyways:D ;)
They have a good chance of getting lucky. Of course you will have to show them the ropes huh?
Sounds like a good chance to spend some quality time with your dad. Go along as a camera man if possible. That way you could cherish the memory after the hunt. What do you guys use for bait? I have been itching to get out and look around up here for signs of any bears moving during this warm spell. Maybe I can get out this weekend.
Yeah those trail timers work good for patterning the bears. See if you can get some grape jelly down your way. I think a guy in Pinconning sells it in bulk. It may be a little expensive but it works great to bring in bears earlier in the evening. A friend of mine had chocalate (I think) last year and that worked well also. There is also a place in GR that sells ground up cookie crumbs and pop-tarts by the bulk. I know of quite a few guys that have had good luck with that. I'm going to get some for this year. Sounds like you had good luck with donuts though. I'm just giving you some more ideas. The ground up cookies and pop-tarts are a little easier to handle I think though.
Happy re-birth David. Sounds like your geeked up on bear.:D
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