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grouse, snow, & southcentral MI

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Got out for about 4 hours yesterday w/ the dog. Hit a couple spots around Lansing. Crashed the swamps, broke ice several times, didn't move any grouse out of the dogwoods and popples. Found a bunch of rooster tracks, had to keep pulling the dog off of them in the cattails.

Finally, in the last half hour, moved a pat out of a blow down. Followed him up a ridge only to find tracks everywhere. Birds seem to be sticking to the ridge tops, especially those w/ autumn olive scrub. Dog was most pleased. Moved three more but never got a shot despite them holding tight.

Got buzzed by a low-flying vee of sandhills, what a great sight and quite a thrill!

Anyways, if you're out for grouse, hit the highlands. Snow was falling for most of the afternoon.
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Got some snow up here in Birch Run this morning, I am anxious to get my shorthair out after some birds this weekend.
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