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grouse, snow, & southcentral MI

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Got out for about 4 hours yesterday w/ the dog. Hit a couple spots around Lansing. Crashed the swamps, broke ice several times, didn't move any grouse out of the dogwoods and popples. Found a bunch of rooster tracks, had to keep pulling the dog off of them in the cattails.

Finally, in the last half hour, moved a pat out of a blow down. Followed him up a ridge only to find tracks everywhere. Birds seem to be sticking to the ridge tops, especially those w/ autumn olive scrub. Dog was most pleased. Moved three more but never got a shot despite them holding tight.

Got buzzed by a low-flying vee of sandhills, what a great sight and quite a thrill!

Anyways, if you're out for grouse, hit the highlands. Snow was falling for most of the afternoon.
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Got some snow up here in Birch Run this morning, I am anxious to get my shorthair out after some birds this weekend.
Doodle were you north of town? How much ice? I have a spot that I might hunt but alot of water last year dog went threw and I was afraid I'de have to try go after him. He finnally got out so I decided none of that anymore.

South of town. Will be heading back out this weekend. Won't be pushing the swamps so much, though. Ice was fine for the dog, but I broke thru several times. Areas I hit have been low on water for a few years now. Can actually get back in further than I've ever been. Satisfied my curiosity, but the birds were sitting high. They were probably looking down in the swamp wondering what that orange-clad fool was doing making all that racket.
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