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Ground Working Dogs

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This question goes out to anyone with experience on dogs that go to ground. I read in another post that it is illegal to hunt animals in there dens, place of dwelling etc... Now I always understood this to be true with rabbits and squirrels, but how does this apply to ***** and chucks.

I have owned bird dogs in the past and it was a non-issue, but recently purchased a Jagdterrier for tracking and groundwork. Is it illegal to hunt woodchucks and ***** with a dog when they are holed up? Any clarification on the rule would be helpful.
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It is illegal to disturb any animal in its home In michigan so that would go for every thing
Repost this in the ?'s about Mi. hunting/fishing laws forum. I looked in the hunting & trapping guide for regulations pertaining to disturbing game in their dens, as well as shooting into squirrel nests. I always took it as a given, but I couldn't find anything outlawing either activity.
It is illegal to use weasals, ferretts, fire, smoke, etc...but no mention of dogs.
The following passages from the 2003-2004 Michigan Hunting & Trapping Guide are the only two that refer to the interference of/with animals in dens, nests, etc....

Under Fur Harvester rules
It is illegal to: Molest or disturb the house, hole, nest, burrow or den of a badger, beaver, mink, muskrat or raccoon, whether occupied or not, or molest or destroy a beaver dam, except under a DNR Wildlife Damage Investigation and Control Permit.

Under Other Hunting rules
It is illegal to: Use snares, traps, cages, nets, pitfalls, deadfalls, spears, drugs, poisons, chemicals, smoke, gas, explosives, ferrets, weasels or mechanical devices other than firearms, bows and arrows or slingshots to take wild birds or animals, except as provided by trapping rules or special permit.

I couldn't find any passage were it is illegal to work a go-to-ground dog on '***** or woodchucks.
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