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Great weekend of rabbit hunting.

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We had some awsome running this weekend.

Saturday four of us hit a private land spot in Hillsdale.
We had 5 dogs with us.

The dogs did a great job pushing the rabbits out of the swamps.
We ended up with 17 saturday.

Then sunday we went to Lapeer the dogs again did a great job but the rabbits were holding tight we got nine but we hunted hard for them.

Thats 49 shot over my pups since Dec 1.:D
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sounds like you guys had some fun. where abouts in lapeer did you run at?

we ran our hounds on some coyotes again thursday. had a real good race. they chased two coyotes together for a while. then the coyotes split up and the dogs took one one way and the other just trotted past my buddy while he missed at about 60 yards using #4 buckshot....he claims he had something called coyote fever and he went and patterned his shotgun and it didnt shoot the buckshot very well ;)
we went up north of midland this morning to try and find some tracks and some snow :( there was very little snow and the snow was melting so it was hard to distinguish fresh tracks from old ones. but it was some good scouting and actually saw some bobcat tracks and met a local houndsman up that way. he was a real nice guy with some big 100 pound + plott hounds.

later, dave
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Nice goin' Rob.
Glad to here you are getting out and having some fun.
Thats a lot of bunnies Rob :)

It was great having some snow on the ground last weekend...although it all melted around here :rolleyes: :confused: Hopefully we get some more before Christmas
I think the township was solon or something like that.

My buddy does the navigating I just drive.LOL

Yeah we had a great time. I forgot my digital camera saturday.

But I got some pic's of sunday.

I left my patch cord at home so I'll have to wait untill tommarow to post them.

Did I mention Saturday was my B-day. That must explain my recent memory loss
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rob, if you make it up to lapeer again let me know i might be able to point you to some decent state land to try.

sounds like you had a great birthday :D

later, dave
I wish I could have been there but My uncle went in the hospital thursday with double newmonia (Spelled wrong of course).
And to top that My wife Lonna and Mark are both sick and with all the scare of the flu with the kids I just wanted to keep an eye on him.
whats with the g p on the side of the beagle? Is it a tattoo?
It says G R for Gunrunners.

All my finished dogs have been branded.
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