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Great new Musky baits

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With all the excitement I could handle, I launched my boat Sunday DYING to run my new musky baits. I picked up the best looking musky baits I've seen to date: Polish Pike, Polish Shad and Polish Perch by Gapen. When I saw them at Lakeside, I bought several sizes, running depths and all of the available varieties. These lures are by far the most realistic baits available. The holographic paint with glitter has been proven for me with all the action I received last fall running my Holographic Perch and Walleye Jakes.

After running them, I would strongly suggest any musky fisherman load up his arsenal with these baits. Another bonus is the cost, they'll run you between $8 and $13. Half the price of a Nils Master!!

I also ran some other new baits including Bull Dawgs and Mepp's Musky Marabous. All of which ran great, and cost approx. $10 each.

I'm gonna lose my mind waiting for the first Saturday of June!!!
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Was at Lakeside today and picked up some today, they did not have many left, but you are right Mario, they look awesome, just hope they do the job at the right time for that magic catch during a tournament ;)
Thanks for the info.
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