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GREAT deal on Mr. Buddy heaters !

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Hi all, I was just posting a link to Northern Tool on another thread. I made the post and clicked the link to check if it worked. When the page opened, I noticed a banner "50% off Heaters".
I clicked on it and found Mr. Buddy heaters for $44.99 !

Here's the link :

Mr. Buddy heater $44.99

Get 'em while they're HOT. ;)
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Man, what a deal.........I immediately ordered one. I have been looking for one on sale for the last couple of weeks. Thanks!!
I just ordered one, $53.90 total with shipping.
Nice heater for the money !
wow excellent deal!!!
They will get bombed with orders I bet........
Maybe I should ask them for a commission. ;)
got mine at tsc for 55 the other night
I think you should get a commission. When I called I was on hold for twenty minutes at 10:30pm. Hung up and went on line no problem.
Thanks! Just ordered one!
I just picked mine up at TSC also. I guess I should have held out a few more days.

Captain Jay
I got mine at TSC yesterday for $59 + tax in Clio. I thought I got a good deal. O'well day late $15 short. I'll happy anyways.
Yeah, those things are really cool. I just got mine a couple weeks ago and the few times I've been out since then, the thing has made a lot of difference. One thing I'm noticing though is that when the propane gets low, the thing tends to shutoff a lot and you gotta keep turning it on again and again to get the most out of your little 1# tank. Still very cool though...
SWEET! Thanks, I have searched and searched for one and no luck finding a deal. Locally they go fo $99 and all the catalogs were between 69 & 89 plus s&h.
You did a great service and should be commissioned!
I was a moment away from purchasing a ZODI-HOT VENT ll at much more.
The ZODI appears to be interesting, No monoxide since unit stays out side shanty but they also need a 12 volt battery to run the forced hot air fan.
I was hoping to hear some feed back on these units but no info so far. My main concern was WIND OUTS due to exterior exposure.
I think the new Mr. H. Buddy will be the ticket and the feedback here has been almost 100% positive with a few exceptions.
Thanks for the tip. Been looking for one and haven't had time to drive to TSC or any of the other bargains I've seen here. Great forum. Can you find me a women that hot and cheap?
Thanks jpollman, got one yesterday online, took about 5 minutes, I have a birthday on monday, and last week the warden asked me what I'd like, and I told her one of those heaters would be nice, better tell her I got one, or I'll end up with two. Thanks again.
Mine's OTW!! Too good of a deal to pass up!! Thanks John for the tip!!

Thanks for the heads up,I ordered mine today...Tom
John, thanks for the tip. Checked today and they are on their way should arrive Monday or Tuesday. Tim
You're more than welcome guys ! Glad to help whenever possible. I got an email that mine has shipped also. I just couldn't pass up a deal like that !
The TSC in Imlay City has around thirty of them in stock for 59.19 if you can't get them online.
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