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Great afternoon despite the cold

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Took Molly, my 15 mo. old Britt to Game Bird Farms and Hunting Preserve this afternoon for some Ringnecks. What a great hunt! Despite the cold and wind she managed to find all 6 Birds and Dad managed to knock down 4 of them. It is such a pleasure to watch her work a field and then lock up on point when she hones in on a bird, I could almost see the determination in her face when she absolutely,positively knew there was a bird to be had, and it was REAL close. After 3 hours I was exhausted but she did'nt want to quit, so I bribed her with biscuits and we called it a day. Time with my dog, in afield full of birds, is the best therapy I know of.
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I can see it now. Staunch and steady taking in that sweet nectar.

At the end of the day in the field, birds are a bonus and I honestly just love watching a good dog work.

Sounds like another great time and I can't wait for my next hunt!
Always trust your bird dog as they will prove you wrong every time.

Here birdy, birdy.
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