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Fished GH from 6-9:30 pm last night. What a great night to be out, it was sunny, calm, and the fish were somewhat cooperating. I had no idea that anyone fished lead core when the boats are in so tight to the piers. Everyone was pulling 1 to 3 color cores around in 30-50 feet of water!

Went 3 for 6. All kings.

We picked up a 9lb. king and a 14lb. king on double orange crush 16 down on a rigger (75 foot spoon lead off the ball) and one little king on a green orange crush on a dipsey set to 3 back 45ft.

Three other fish were lost at the hookup.
One other rip on a green orange crush out on a 2 color core.
One rip on a one color core with a white fish catcher/white glow fly down the chute.
One miss on the 16 down rigger with double orange crush.

Nothing on J-Plugs (green ladderback glow and superglow, and blue super glow, and chrome red head.) Also, no hits on dipseys besides the one very small king.

They liked the spoons with gold blanks last night.

We fished from 25 to 55 ft of water with our best being in 45 feet, where we marked a large school of kings. All hits were in the top 20 feet of water.

Good luck.
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