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GPS Unit

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I am more than likely purchasing a GPS/Sonar unit shortly. The one I am purchasing comes with an external antenna and my question is, are most of these antenna's wireless and where on the boat should it be mounted? Next to a VHF antenna or on the other side of the gunwale.
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No, the antenna will not be wireless. Its just like a VHF antenna or transducer. You will have to mount it a run the cable to the display unit. Do not cut the cable. You need to mount it somewhere where there is nothing overhead for best performance. Most people mount them on the roof or arch if they have one. Mine is actually mounted flush in the bow(cabin roof). You can mount it basically anywhere except in the path of your radar if that applies to you.
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please check ur manual some units need to be mounted with the anntennas 6 feet away from each other.
if i may suggest a brand to look at it would be a lowrance or eagle. from the testing i have done they are the most acurate units money can buy
I am going with the Eagle Seacharter 480df. I purchased the fishmark 320 last year and really enjoyed it. A new boat means I have to upgrade so I thought I would see how this one works out?
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