Everything you need for the ultimate hunting tent.
16' by 32' vinyl canvas. Some small holes in roof that would be easy to patch,
but we always covered our camp with a large tarp so it wasn't an issue.
Comes with all hardware. Support poles, ridge poles, side poles.
Ropes are in good shape. Box with many long stakes.
There are two rubber gaskets in roof for stove pipes.
Canvas is very heavy. Takes at least two guys to move it around.
Two men can set this tent up in a couple of hours.
We camped in this tent in Iron County for some years but now have a cabin.
So it's time to find a new home for our old home.
I can also give you directions to a good spot to set it up on Ottawa National Forest land.
The trick is going to be getting it to you. I may be able to deliver it for the price of gas, especially in the UP or Wisconsin.
There were five of us living comfortably in this tent along with a double barrel stove, two 8' tables for supplies, cooking and eating along with all of our gear. I have seen this tent sleep ten, but it was pretty crowded.
We really enjoyed our years of camping but I must say that it didn't take long to get used to a cabin.:cool:
More pictures available.
Asking $1,000. Listing I see on eBay is about $1,800 with shipping.