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I started hunting again four years ago after a 30 year hiatus, so my two sons never really had a chance to get started. I have been taken them shooting with me so that they can become familiar with firearms. Today was the day of my 23 year old younger son's first pheasant hunt. We took our one year old wirehair pointer to a pheasant farm and we all had a good time. Ended up hitting eight out of 8 birds that Otto pointed.

The dog is hard to see in the middle of the picture, but I have to give him credit because it took me a long time to take this picture after dropping the phone and then having to clean off the camera. He has turned out to be a good dog. And my son went three for three so both are doing well in their rookie years.

Everyone had a good time and my son is thinking of deer hunting with his friend next year. Hopefully he continues with the hobby.
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