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Thanks for sharing.
Breeding dogs that have not been subjected to harsh realities of competition, has always been a fool's game!

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This is an older piece, but as true today as it was then. I figured with people getting ready for spring puppies, it might be a good piece of educational literature. It would be wise for anyone breeding or buying to read this a couple of times and let the facts sink in. It holds true for pointing dogs, spaniels, and retrievers.
I have always acquired dogs from competing bloodline litters and have hunted with many people that just bought the breed without that being considered.Then when we run dogs together I've seen folks dismayed at there dogs performance but it is not the dogs fault is it?Great read.The next time a friend is searching for a dog I will show them this article.I have owned 7 dogs in 30 years and now see why I have been so fortunate and that luck has nothing to do with it.
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Two of the reasons British Labradors have expanded among retriever owners revolve around their approach to breeding and how they field test these dogs in trials. All traits are considered heritable, consequently the focus of the breeding programs considers everything from confirmation to how biddable the dog is in high stress situations. Dogs that act-up at the line or while waiting to be called-up at field trials are not rewarded, since these traits would get a handler either dismissed from a shoot or not invited back, depriving him or her of income. The ability of a specific dog to work-out a retrieve that a previous competitor has failed at is given an amplified score. Scent trailing skill displayed is a higher scoring behavior than lining. Handling to whistle, hand signal and voice commands receives the same emphasis in British/Irish trials as those in America, but it is not a near-singular focus behavioral trait.
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