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I hunt in Springport/Parma in Jackson county. Opening day i saw a little buck chasing a doe around, maybe a forky or small 6. Today, my dad shot a decent size six. Had a couple of little kicker points at the bases, and a very small body (around 120lbs) in relation to his rack. The spread, at the largest point (and inside) was 10". The largest tine was 5" long. When we dropped this deer off at the processor, there was a DNR officer checking and recording the deer. She aged our deer for us and estimated it at 1.5 years old. If I'm not mistaken those are some pretty good genes. We were both suprised. A guy who hunts our property down there says he has only been seeing good size 8's and 10's. This is pretty darn good considering we haven't even attempted to manage the herd.
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