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Good close to the season

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After completing the obligatory house work yesterday was able to get out with my dogs for a couple hours in the afternoon. I was not expecting to see too much as the area gets quite a bit of pressure thru out the season and hunting can be described as marginal at best, but I wanted to get the dogs out for a few. 10 minutes into the hunt Mick locked up on point and Ruger came in to back him, I was able to walk in and flush a real nice rooster. 1 in the game bag-
Shortly thereafter, Ruger started getting real birdy in some thick grass and then locked up. Rooster number two gets up and joins his buddy in the game bag.

Good way to close the season out:D
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Nice Finish to the season. Was out for 3 hours @ the Dansville SGA and didn't see a single thing. Beautiful day though, with snow falling and dogs working. Oh well....Have to start chasing preserve birds.
Nope. Nothing. Talked to several Deer hunters and they said that the birds have been quiet the last couple of days. Compared to the first couple of days of Rifle season, when they heard/saw alot of pheasant. I was working the Eastern edge of the SGA, so I may have been in the wrong area.
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